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Sell your product on the internet

  Nov 07, 2011

Many business owners looking to sell their products don’t realize they can use the internet to make the selling process go more smoothly.Online marketplaces allow sellers to reach a large number of potential buyers and provide resources for owners considering putting their business up for sale.

Our business model just moved to shareware. Shareware is usually offered either with certain features only available after the license is purchased, or as a full version but for a limited trial period of time. Once the trial period has passed, the program may stop running until a license is purchased. Shareware is often offered without supports or updates which only become available with the purchase of a license. The words “free trial” or “trial version” are indicative of shareware.

Our business model reflects the essence of shareware, and follow the Try Before You Buyterms.

You can evaluate each of our products for up to 30days. When the evaluation is over, you are opt to buy the full version of the software or remove it from your computer.

The full version software can be obtained online after you pay a one-time charge license fee and get a license from one of our resellers worldwide.

We promise:

  • Bring the Best to Our Clients.
  • Free life-time upgrades!
  • Unlimited premium technical support!