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About SmartGeometry

  Jan 21, 2013

Smartgeometry was founded in 2001 as a partnership between Practice, Research and Academia, formed by members of the world’s leading architectural and engineering practices and educational institutions.To the new generations of designers, engineers and architects, mathematics and algorithms are becoming as natural as pen and pencil. Smartgeometry promotes the emergence of this new paradigm in which digital designers and craftsmen are able to intelligently exploit the combination of digital and physical media to take projects from design right through to production.

Smartgeometry Conference

The Smartgeometry Workshop and Conference is the premier gathering for the generative design community. Hosted by the Smartgeometry Group, this annual event focuses on innovative design tools, technologies, and methodologies that allow and encourage new forms of architectural and structural expression – forms that are radically changing the built environment.

You can check more information about this conference here

SmartGeometry Group

SmartGeometry (SG) is a non-profit organization focusing on the use of the computer as an intelligent design aid in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC). It encourages collaboration between practicing AEC professionals, academics and students using computational and parametric software tools.


GenerativeComponents (GC) is a commercial software product by Bentley Systems. It enables designers to explore more possibilities, in less time, create better designs, and efficiently create and manage complex geometric relationships.

Generative design software (aka GC)captures and exploits the critical relationships between design intent and geometry. Designs can be refined by either dynamically modeling and directly manipulating geometry, by applying rules and capturing relationships among building elements, or by defining complex building forms and systems through concisely expressed algorithms.