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We offers free upgrades to CAD VIewer 3.0 for those who buy 2.0 now

  Jun 06, 2014

June 5, 2014 – AIGraph Software today announced the release and immediate availability of CAD Viewer 3.0, the CAD file viewer for every one.

It’s free of charge. Upgrade now!

For CAD Viewer 2.0 users, we are every pleased announce a free upgrading plan. Anyone who buys CAD Viewer 2.0 now will be able to upgrade for FREE to CAD Viewer 3.0.

The upgrading is very simple.

  • Download the setup file of version 3.0:Download Page
  • Uninstall the old 2.0 version and install new version.
  • Register the CAD Viewer with your old version 2.0 license key. If you lost it, please fill this form.

Purchase it now!

CAD Viewer 3.0 is available exclusively from the AIGraph Software online store: this page